Conference Topics

  • Conference Title:

    3rd International Conference on Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Sciences

  • Conference Dates:

    29th-31st, July 2019

  • Deadline for Abstract:

    24th June 2019

  • Venue:

    Harvard University, Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA

ICSEES 2019 encourage submissions within environmental sciences, energy, and sustainability, and across a variety of fields such as economic sustainability, socio-cultural sustainability, environmental, food and heal sustainability, energy efficiency, environmental management and modelling. Papers may address, but are not restricted to, the main theme from any of the following sub-themes. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable.


  • Sustainability Policy and Practice
  • Sustainable Development and Education
  • Sustainable Mobility Solutions
  • Economic Growth and Sustainability
  • Indicators of Sustainability
  • Innovation and Sustainability
  • Socio-Cultural Sustainability
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Urban and Rural Planning
  • Living and Sustainability
  • Smart Cities
  • Sustainability and Business


  • Environmental Science and Technology
  • Health and Environment
  • Bio-engineering
  • Environmental ManagemeClimate Change
  • Pollution Management
  • Environment Analysis and Monitoring
  • Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
  • Water Quality Control and Modelling
  • Land Resources Environment and Management
  • Environmental Rehabilitation Engineering

Environmental Sustainability

  • Management of Hazardous Solid Waste
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Air pollution and control
  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Storm Water Management
  • Wastewater engineering and management
  • Hazardous Substances and detection techniques
  • Soil decontamination
  • Ecosystems Management and Restoration


  • Renewable resources of energy and energy savings
  • Green Energy technologies
  • Renewable Energy Resources
  • Energy Engineering
  • Energy Policy, Planning and Management
  • Power Generation
  • Energy Storage
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Biomass and Biofuels
  • Energy Risk Assessment Methods and Analysis
  • Energy Modelling
  • Energy Efficiency: Challenges and Policies
  • Energy and Environmental Projects Analysis
  • Climate Change and the Energy Sector
  • Commodity and Financial Directives Markets for Energy
  • Energy and Transport


  • Environmental Economics
  • Environment and Social Sustainability
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Environment and Culture
  • Environment and Social Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Accounting