Shortlisted Abstracts

  • Conference Title:

    13th Academic International Conference on Business, Marketing and Management

  • Conference Dates:

    23rd-25th, March 2020

  • Deadline for Abstract:

    24th February 2020

  • Venue:

    Harvard University, Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA

Updated on 12th February 2020

  1. Vijayendra Gupta, Associate Professor, Sangam University, Transforming Performance of Indian Agri-Business Supply chain : A Study. Co-Author: Dr K P Yadav, Professor
  2. Lucia Ramos, Guidance Counselor, College of Our Lady of Mercy, Psychological Distress, Social Adjustment and Self-Regulated Learning Among Junior College Students in a Private School in Bulacan.
  3. Siti Rahayu, Policy Analyst, National Institute of Health Research and Development, Ministry of Health, Policy Recommendation to Reduce Alcohol Consumption by Law and Advocacy in Digital Era.
  4. Resham Bhawnani, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Analysis of Work Life Balance in a Private Sports Retail Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
  5. Mesfin Mala Kalko, PhD Student, Tomas Bata University, The Impact of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Firm Performance: Case of Selected Financial Institution in Ethiopia. Co-Author: Behailu Tesfaye Mekonnen
  6. Taiwo Otegbade, Lecturer, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Short Term Employment and Employees’ Performance in Construction Firms: The Nigeria’S Experience. Co-Author: Salako Mudashiru Abiodun
  7. Merve Yavuz, Graduate Student, Izmir Institute of Technology, Product Personalization and User Segments of Augment Reality Applications. Co-Author: Dr. Eda Çorbacıoğlu, Instructor; Dr. Nuri Başoğlu, Professor
  8. Tanprang Taesillapasathit, PhD Student, Assumption University, Social Media Aggressive Behavior and the Relationship with Personality, Emotional Intelligence, and Narcissism: Cyber-Bullying. Co-Author: Dr. Anupong Taesillapasathit
  9. Hasan Abbas, Associate Professor, Kuwait University, Determinants Affecting Academic Distraction of a College-Level Student in the State of Kuwait.
  10. Mrinalini Pandey, Master Student, MLB College, Yaksha Yakshini Cult in Indian Culture and Art as Seen Through the Analysis of Sculpture.
  11. Katekaew Seangpraw, Lecturer, University of Phayao, Quality of Life Among Elderly Ethnic Groups in Northern Thailand.
  12. Syed Naif Amjad, PhD Student, University of Wolverhampton, The Role of Institutional Factors as FDI Determinants in Bangladesh.
  13. Agata Gomolka, Phd Student, Jagiellonian University, Who Bears the Costs of Childcare in Poland- Male Employee, Female Employee or Employer?
  14. Deepika Bara, PhD Student, Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Is Technology a Solution to Socio-Economic Problems? Understanding the Issues and Problems Faced by the Tribal Communities in Adjusting Towards a New Socio-Economic Situation of Digitalization and Cashless Transactions in Rural Jharkhand, India.
  15. Meghna Mohandas, Research Assistant, London School of Economics, New Exclusive Spaces: Special Economic Zones in Bengaluru, India.
  16. Loay Badran, Assistant Professor, Zayed University, Characteristics of the Arabic Language.
  17. Abd El-Basit Mahmoud, Associate Professor, Zarqa Unversity, Behavioral Intentions and Cognitive-Affective Effects of Exposure to YouTube Advertisements among College Students. Co-Author: Dr. Othman Fekry Abdelbaki
  18. Catalino Mendoza, Professor, Baliuag University, Ants’ Management as a Principle to AGP Elevator Inc., Philipoines. Co-Author: Mr. Anthony G. Peñaverde, President & CEO, AGP Elevator Inc.; Mrs. Ma. Lina Noveno-Vida, AGP Elevator Inc.; and Mr. Jesus Marte G. Canlas, Department of Education, Arayat Pampanga.
  19. Yunita Fitrianti, Researcher, National Institute of Health Research and Development, The Existence of Tradition in Medicalisation: A Qualitative Study of Postpartum Care among Malaysian Child-birthing Women in The United Kingdom.
  20. Sebnem Altunkaya, Master Student, Georg-August University, #OccupyGezi: Turkey’s Arendtian Protests.
  21. Solimun Solimun, Lecturer, Brawijaya University, A Second-Order Analysis Using a Warppls Approach on the Community Development Index of Malang City. Co-Author:  Dr. Adji Achmad Rinaldo Fernandes
  22. Adji Achmad Rinaldo Fernandes, Lecturer, Brawijaya University, Efficiency of Parameter Estimator of Various Resampling Methods on Warppls Analysis. Co-Author: Dr. Solimun
  23. Neha Toppo, Senior Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology, Teaching English to Multilingual Learners: A Translanguaging Pedagogical Consideration. 
  24. Nabi Bux Jumani, Professor, International Islamic University, Causes and Remedies of Dropout at Higher Secondary Level in Pakistan. Co-Author: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousif A. Al Draweesh; Prof. Dr. Samina Malik and Sufi Amin
  25. Ahmed Yousif A. Al Draweesh, Professor, International Islamic University, Implementation of 21st Century Skills: Analyse the Challenges Faced by Universities. Co-Author: Prof. Dr Nabi, Bux. Jumani, Prof. Dr. Samina Malik and Mr. Sufi Amin
  26. Ashraf Abddelrafea Muhammad Elsayed, Professor, International Islamic University, Implementation of Peace Education at University Level in Pakistan. Co-Author: Prof. Dr Nabi, Bux. Jumani and Mr. Sufi Amin
  27. Chico Adhibaskara Ekananda Hindarto, Lecturer, Indonesia Banking School, Half Price or Free Product: The Role of Advertisement Message in Purchase Intention.
  28. Oluwatobi Owonubi, PhD Student, Birmingham City University, Poverty and Modern Slavery.
  29. Hassan Yassir Elshewikh, PhD Student, University of Portsmouth, Enabling Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Growth; A Solution for Poverty – Conceptual Review.
  30. Racquel Cruz, University Lecturer, Far Eastern University, Entrepreneurial Competencies of Selected Freshmen Students in the Academe.
  31. Sarfraz Khan, Assistant Professor, Quaid-i-Azam University, The Role of Social and Kinship Networks in Expediting Migration Process from Gujrat, Pakistan.
  32. Fadl Algalhadi, Dr, Morovia University, Gender and Identity in John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger.
  33. Faisal Alfordy, Chairman of Accounting Department, University of Ha’il, The Socio-Political Factors Impacting CG Compliance of Listed Saudi Corporations on Minority Shareholders’ Rights.
  34. Rohan Chaudhary, Undergrad Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Public Perception Of Glocalisation.
  35. Giovanna Ginex, Phd Student, University of Bari, Sales in (EU and Global) Food Supply Chain: A New Regulation of Member’s Interests in the EU and International Sales Law.
  36. Tlou Maggie Masenya, Senior Lecturer, University of Zululand, Promotion of Technopreneurship Development through Fostering Creativity and Innovation Skills among Youth in South Africa.
  37. Abdullah Al Mulhim, Assistant Professor, Jouf University, Tacit Knowledge and Organizational Learning Enhances Financial Performance in Organizations.
  38. Aiman Freihat, Assistant Professor, AL-Balqa Applied University, A Future Vision for the Use of Faculty Members in Ajloun University College of Achievement Files (Paper – Electronic) as Modern Methods to Evaluate their Students.
  39. Upali Bhattacharya, Content and Growth Strategist, School of Future, Gender and Work in the 21st Century.
  40. Momina Azam Khan, Ms- Management Student, Air University, Training, Job Embeddedness and Intention to Stay: Towards a Better Understanding of Frontline HealthCare Worker’s Retention. Co-Author: Nazia
  41. Miraj Baldha, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Production of Methane by Municipal Solid Waste – Peroxide Application. Co-Author: Mr. Meetkumar Govani, Engineer and Mr. Om Rakholia, Student
  42. Xiaokang Shi, Membership, China Folklore Society; European Association of Chinese Studies, Changes Exemplification of Geomagnetic Orientation between Ancient and Modern.
  43. Lesly Thabeng, HOD, Central University of Technology, Free State, Evaluating the Hygiene of Bathrooms N Relation to the Prevalence of Dermatophytosis. Co-Author: Dr Jane Nkhabenyane
  44. Senait Endale Habtemichael, Gender- Project Officer, Catholic Relief Services, The Practice and Impacts of Female Genital  Mutilation on Women’s Health and Sexuality: The case of  Karrayu Community,  Ethiopia. Co-Author:  Adane Kitila
  45. Basavaraj Donur, Professor and Head of the Department, Central University of Karnataka, Formation of Kannada Identities in the Films of Dr.Ralkumar.
  46. Ganesh Pawar, Professor of the Department of Hindi, Central University of Karnataka, Depiction of Social Reality in the Novels of Munshi Premchand: A Postcolonial Enquiry.
  47. Ghulam Murtaza Khoso, Assistant Professor, University of Sindh, Japan’s ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific’ Strategy: Regional Challenges.
  48. Imran Zaman, Research Coordinator, Peshawar Medical College, Role of Judiciary in the Progress of Democratic System in Pakistan.
  49. Yolanda Emedi, Post-Graduate Student and Adjunct Lecturer, University of Kwazulu-Natal, Personal Immunity a Valid Defence?
  50. Rojikinnor Rojikinnor, Doctorate Student, Brawijaya University, How Entrepreneurship of The State Civil Apparatus Determines Public Empowerment Through Good Governance and Public Service Quality. Co-Author: Prof. Dr. A. Juli Andi Gani, Lecturer); Dr. Choirul Saleh, Lecturer and Dr. Fadillah Amin, Lecturer
  51. Allan Galvez, Professor, Jose Rizal University, The Impact of Mekong River on the Supply of Imported Rice to the Philippines: A Review.
  52. Jiayi Jin, Lecturer, Northumbria University, Participatory e-Planning Implementing a New Citizen Participation Method for Urban Development in the UK.
  53. Sohail Amjed, Lecturer, College of Applied Sciences Salalah, Investigation into the Relationship Between Trade Diversification, Financial System Development, Capital Formation and Economic Growth: A Case Study of The Sultanate Of Oman.
  54. Ravinder Kumar, Assistant Professor, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Decriminalizing Homosexuality : An Indian Experience.
  55. Fikret Guven, Associate Professor, Erciyes University, Revisiting Edward Said’ s Orientalism: An Update.
  56. Adedayo Adegbaju, PhD Student, North-West University, An Evaluation of the Transformative Influence of Public Transport Investments on a Once Fragmented Urban System: The Case of Post-Apartheid Johannesburg, South Africa. Co-Author:  Professor Carel Schoeman, Professor
  57. Hod Anyigba, Assistant Professor, Nobel International Business School (NiBS), The Paradox of Growth: Linking Macroeconomic and Behavioural Finance Variables to Ghana’s Stock Exchange Performance. Co-Author: Daniel Addo
  58. Yordanos Jenber, Researcher, Chagni Pre Paratory School, Determinants of Financial Development in Ethiopia:Do Financial Repression Policies Hinder Financial Development?
  59. Pac Ordu, Chief Lecturer, Federal College of Education (Technical), Institution-Industry Collaboration in Teaching to Empower Students: Harnessing the Omoku Enterprenurship Mentoring Model Perspective.
  60. M. Afzal Wani, Professor & Dean, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, International Human Rights Law and Advancement of Global Peace and Gender Justice: Looking for a More Humane Society.
  61. Kübra Güven, PhD Student, İnönü Üniversitesi, The Sad Story of Those Whose Journey Ended in Their Own World While They Dreamed to Create Heaven on Earth.
  62. Chime Youdon, PhD, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Title: Green Energy Development in China and its Politics.
  63. Beniamin Pascut, Ministry Fellow, Judson Center at Brown University, Interreligious Activity and the Science of Identity.
  64. Olawale Johnson, Executive Assistant to the Chairman, Persianas Group, Defeating the Coronavirus: Prosperity in the Face of a Pandemic.
  65. Habtamu Molla, Researcher, Wollo University, The Role of International Remittance on Economic Growth in Ethiopia: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag Approach.
  66. Prangtip Yuvanont, Phd Student, Krirk University, Sport Tourism Management Guideline of Sport City Prototype in Thailand. . Co-Author: Aupal Taesillapasathit, Phd Student
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