Shortlisted Abstracts

  • Conference Title:

    11th Academic International Conference on Business, Economics and Management

  • Conference Dates:

    10th-12th, August 2020

  • Deadline for Abstract:

    13th July 2020

  • Venue:

    University of Oxford, St Anne's College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Updated on 3rd April 2020

  1. Dr. Joseph Kanu, Head of Department, Education Foundations, Abia State College of Education (Technical), Designing a Pedagogy for Nigerian Primary School Curriculum.  
  2. Ms. Deepika Bara, Ph.D. Student, Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Dhanbad, Science and Technology for Inclusive Development: A Critical Note on Digital India Program.  
  3. Prof. Howard Chitimira, Professor of Law, North West University, Dismissal and Related Problems of Social Media-Related Misconduct in the South African Workplace.  
  4. Dr. Musa Yavuz Alptekin, Assoc. Prof., Karadeniz Technical University, Seven Stages of Spread of Kurdish Population in Anatolia Ttroughout History and Its Effects on the Current Kurdish Issue in Turkey.  
  5. Mrs. Olufunmilayo Ebiniyi, Lecturer, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Succession Planning and Survival of Family Owned Business: Predecessors’ Related Factors.  
  6. Dr. Shamsuddeen Magaji, Lecturer/ Deputy Dean of Law, Bauchi State University, Enhancing Shareholder Voting Right Under Nigerian Corporate Law Through the Application of Information and Communication Technology.Co-Author(s): Dr. Nurli Yaacob, Associate Professor and Dr. Zuryati Mohamed Yusoff, Associate Professor
  7. Prof. Auretta Benedetti, Associate Professor, University of Milano Bicocca, The Correction of “Government Failures” as a Key to Analyse the Regulation of Local Public Services through Independent Authorities.  
  8. Mr. Kunto Wibowo Agung Prodjonoto, Post-Graduate Student, Indonesia Defense University, Introducing Adaptive Analysis Methods : The Present Analysis & Future Analysis. Co-Author(s): Dr. Bastari R, Head of Department; Muhammad Aziz Irfanuddin, Post-Graduate Student
  9. Dr. Pimkamol Kongphok, Lecturer, Burapha University, Towards the Future of Transportation Aand the Legal Uniformity in Terms of Multimodal Transport at International Level. Co-Author(s): Miss Juthamas Promin, Lecturer
  10. Dr. Adesola Fasiku, Lecturer, College of Education, The Effects of Polygyny Family on Girl-Child Education in Southwest, Nigeria.  
  11. Dr. Vilas Gaikar, Asst. Professor, University of Mumbai, An Evaluation of Public Health Schemes in India: A Case Study of Maharashtra State.  
  12. Mrs. Yemisi Akindahunsi, Lecturer, Department of Business Education, College of Education, Ikere Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria, Assessment of Information Technology Employability Skills among Business Education Students in Tertiary Institutions in Ekiti State. Co-Author(s): Dr. Adeosun, Omoniyi Alabi
  13. Mr. Salihu Saleh, Head of Mathematics Department, College of Education Waka-Biu, Effect of Number Heads Together Stragety on Senior Secondary School Students’ Mathematics  Academic Performance in Southern Borno Senatorial District, Borno State, Nigeria.  
  14. Mrs. Saratu Jonathan Dibal, Head of  Department, Home Economics, College of Education Waka-Biu, Rebranding Indigenous Entrepreneurship Education for Diversification of the Economy in Southern, Borno, Nigeria.  
  15. Ms. Princess Chuku, Lecturer, Rivers State University, Safety, Health and Welfare of Nigerian Workers as Entrenched under the Factories Act of 2004.  
  16. Dr. Tulio Barrios Bulling, Academic Researcher, Universidad SEK Chile, Bridging Professional Training and the Dissertation Development Process through Action Research. A Positive Innovation Experience at Universidad SEK Chile English Department.  
  17. Mrs. Jane Tesha, Tutor, Open University – Tanzania, The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Women Economic Empowerment in Tanzania. A Transformative  Feminist Approach. Co-Author(s): Dr. Emmanuel Patroba, Lecturer
  18. Mr. Nadir Ali, PhD Scholar & Administrative Officer, University of Sindh, An Analysis of Formal Method of English Language Teaching in Multi-ethnic Classrooms in Pakistan.  
  19. Ms. Blessing Udeh, MA Student, University of Limpopo, A Survey of the Psychological Well-Being and Quality of Life of Diabetic Patients in the Rural Community of Ga-Dikgale, Limpopo Province South Africa.  
  20. Dr. Shilpee Dasgupta, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Association of Manager’s Gender Roles, Social Style and Conflict Management Style with Employee Voice Behavior. Co-Author(s): Mr Sagar Pujari, EPHD Scholar
  21. Dr. Archana Rathore, Associate Professor, DAK Degree College, An Insight into the Status of Women Managers in Higher Education in India: Challenges and Possibilities.  
  22. Dr. Mani Bansal, Associate Professor, DAK Degree College, Appropriating Youth Education in the Disturbed World Scenario Today; With Special Reference To Environment And Peace.  
  23. Mr. Olatunbosun Adekogbe, Academic Staff, Obafemi Awolowo University, An Appraisal of the Roles of the Nigerian Copyright Commission in Controlling Piracy in Music Industry. Co-Author(s): Adekogbe, Olubunmi Grace
  24. Mr. Ovwigho Ohwofasa, Lecturer, Federal College Of Education (Technical), Cognitive Skills Required by Electrical/Electronics N.C.E Graduate for Effective Teaching of Electrical Installation Work in Lagos State Technical Colleges. Co-Author(s): Ajayi Peace, O
  25. Mrs. Lydia Adetola, Lecturer, Federal College Of Education (Technical), Factor Influencing Career Choice in Technical Education Profession Among Colleges of Education Students in Lagos State of Nigeria. Co-Author(s): Popoola, O.O
  26. Dr. Boudi Abdessamad, Professor, University of Tahri Mohammed Bechar, The Impact of Viral Marketing on Consumer Behavior Towards Women’s Products Case Study of a Sample of the Pioneers of Social Networking Sites Bechar. Co-Author(s): Ait Kaci Azzou Redouane and Bouzid Abdenour
  27. Dr. Daniel Oludipe, Chief Lecturer, Tai Solarin College of Education, Effectiveness of Hands-on/Minds-on Activities on Nigerian Junior Secondary School Students’  Academic Achievement in Basic Science
  28. Mr. Anyway Mikioni, Lecturer, University of Venda, Black Tax and Micro-entrepreneurship in Thulamela Local Municipality: Forms, Challenges and Coping Strategies. Co-Author(s): Mrs Kholomela, Head of Department
  29. Mr. Kemi Olalekan Oduntan, Senior Lecturer, Tai Solarin College of Education, Analysis of Foreign Direct Portfolio Investment in Nigeria.  
  30. Mr. Abhishek Basavaraj Patil, Master’s Student, HIgher School of Economics, Seeing and Planning city as Part of Political Culture: Construct of Moscow and Bangalore.  
  31. Dr. Jam Muhammad Zafar, Assistant Professor, Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology (KFUEIT), Evolving Trends of Continuous Professional Development and Its Role in Teachers’ Knowledge Delivering, Teaching Skill and Disposition in Public Sector Universities: An Analysis.  
  32. Dr. Sonal Mobar Roy, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Rural Development and PR, Assessing the Impact of Government Interventions in Tribal Villages in India.  
  33. Ms. Reham Barakat, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, American University in Cairo, Responsibility of International Financial Institutions for Harmful Economic Consequences arising from their Development Interventions.  
  34. Mr. Solomon Tegegene, Lecturer, University of Gondar, Article Review on Drought and Women Lives Nexus.  
  35. Ms. Hazel Atilano, Associate Professor, University of Saint La Salle, Metadiscourse Features of the Argumentative Essays of Purposive Communication Students.  
  36. Dr. Dianna Moodley, Academic Head, Independent Institute of Education, Towards Awakening Latent Language Policy in South African Higher Education.  
  37. Mr. Jhubhur Chakma, M.A Student, Mahidol University, Jumma Nation and Persecution in Bangladesh.  
  38. Dr. Jam Muhammad Zafar, Assistant Professor, Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology (KFUEIT), Modern Trends and Role of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in Teachers’ Knowledge Delivering, Teaching Skill and Dispositions in Public Sector Universities: An Analysis.  
  39. Mr. Shehu Dan’asabe, Dean School of Education, Adamu Tafawa Balewa College of Education, Re-Thinking the Philosophy of Nigerian Education for Technological Development. Co-Author(s): David Audu Mono
  40. Mr. Adam Atauallah Bensaid, Associate Fellow, Sharq Forum Think Tank, The Challenge of Middle Eastern Religious Public Space in Confronting Modernity, Development and Radicalism.  
  41. Mr. Waqar Arshad, Lawyer, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Trial Courts of Pakistan: A Practical Approach Towards New Era of Timely Justice as a Mean of ‘Justice for All’. Co-Author(s): Hasan Awais
  42. Mrs. Sharifa Al Battashi, Doctoral Candidate, UCL Institute of Education, Translanguaging in the Early Years Classroom: Young Children’s Negotiating Intersectional Identities and Inequalities.  
  43. Ms. Madiha Saleem, Teaching Assistant, University of the Punjab, September & November Effect of Gold: An Asian Perspective. Co-Author(s): Dr. Hira Aftab, Lecturer
  44. Mr. Moshood Lawal, Senior Lecturer, The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Ethical Culture and Human Productivity in Nigeria: An Imperative for Societal Acceptance.  
  45. Ms. Nazmin Khanom, Learning Developer, London South Bank University, How far does the Teaching of Academic Writing in UK Higher Education (HE) take Account of and Adapt to the Needs of Non-Traditional Learners? A Literature Review.  
  46. Mr. Wenen Yan, Student, Mahidol University, The Laoman’e-Bulang Tradition of Tea-tree Consecration under Theravada Buddhism: An Empirical Study.  
  47. Mr. Olanrewaju Eniade, Lecturer, Adeleke University, Propensity Score Methodology for Examining the Effect of Education on Attitude towards Domestic Violence among Men and Women in Nigeria. Co-Author(s): Dr Bidemi O. Yusuf, Associate Professor
  48. Mr. Murtala Abdulmumini, Lecturer 1, Adamu Tafawa Balewa College of Education Kangere, The roles of ICT in teaching and learning sciences in secondary schools of Nigeria. Co-Author(s): Mr. Abdulsalam Baba Kobi, Lecturer III; and Mr. Samaila Ahmed Yame. Lecturer 3
  49. Mrs. Lami Saleh, Lecturer II, Adamu Tafawa Balewa College of Education Kangere, Examining the inadequate of entegrative motivation and language skills aquisation by Bauchi state students (Nigeria). Co-Author(s): Mr. Dahiru M. Abdullahi
  50. Mr. Zulkiflu Umar Fanti, Lecturer, Adamu Tafawa Balewa College of Education Kangere, Importance of Linguistic in English language in Nigeria.  
  51. Mr. Abdulgafar Abiola Tiamiyu, Lecturer III, Adamu Tafawa Balewa College of Education Kangere, The Impact of Motivation on Employee Performances.  
  52. Mrs. Hussaina Musa Gar, Lecturer II, Adamu Tafawa Balewa College of Education Kangere, An evaluation on the implementation of English language Curriculum of the Nigeria Certificate in Education in Colleges of Education Nigeria. Co-Author(s): Hussaina Musa Gar