Shortlisted Abstracts

  • Conference Title:

    12th Academic International Conference on Business, Economics and Management

  • Conference Dates:

    09th-11th, November 2020

  • Deadline for Abstract:

    12th October 2020

  • Venue:

    University of Oxford, St Anne's College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Updated on 18th September 2019

  1. Hafiz Baba, Lecturer, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi Nigeria, The effects of transfer of human resources management practices on performance of selected multinational corporation in northern Nigeria.
  2. Chukwudi Nwawuihe, Administrative Officer 1, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Sustainable Democracy as a Panacea to Nigerian National Development.
  3. Kato Gogo Kingston, Associate Professor, Rivers State University, An Evaluation of the Legal Efficiency of Crude Oil Waste Management in Nigeria.
  4. Isaias Borres, Dept. Chair, Our Lady of Fatima University, Growth Drivers Of Death Care Businesses In The Philippines. 
  5. Shuaib Ndagi Sayedi, Lecturer, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Treasury Single Account Policy and Banks Liquidity: Perception of Employees of Banks in Lapai Town-Nigeria.
  6. Asma Khan, Lecturer, Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, Gender differences in Brand Commitment, Fashion Fan ship, Impulse Buying and Hedonic Consumption: A study on Pakistan Fashion Consumers.
  7. Majed Alharthi, Assistant Professor in Ecomomcis and Finance, King Abdulaziz University, Main Determinants of Inflation in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Region.
  8. Khadija Hassan, Assistant Professor, Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, The Influence of in Store Atmospherics on Consumers’ Shopping Experience and Value: A Study of and  Fashion Shoppers in Pakistan. Co-Author(s): Ms. Asma Khan, Lecturer
  9. John Tate, Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle, Australia, Burqas, Burqinis and Marilyn Manson: Liberalism and Republicanism in the French and American Public Sphere.
  10. Prince Emeh, Lecturer, Abia State Polytechnic, Entrepreneurial skills and unemployment contractions in Nigeria.
  11. Harsh Mahaseth, Student, NALSAR University of Law, Reviewing the SAARC Disaster Management Mechanisms: A Comparative Analysis of Policies, Regional Frameworks and International Law. Co-Author(s): Dikshya Koirala, Student
  12. Dotan Rousso, College Professor, Red Deer College, The role of justice in national conflict – The Israeli Palestinian case.
  13. Elif Ceylan Ozsoy, Associate Lecturer in Law, University of Exeter, Do Neo-Liberal Jurisprudence exist? Analyses regarding the developments within the human rights law.
  14. Alrence Halibas, Assistant Professor, Gulf College, Utilising National Survey Outcomes in determining the Extent of Achievement of Employability skills among graduates for programme enhancement: Evidence from an HEI in Oman.
  15. Alireza Assareh, Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies, Shahid Rajaii University, Identifying the Effective Components in Adult Education and presenting an appropriate Model. Co-Author(s): Leyla Rezaii
  16. Andre Luiz Athayde, PhD Student, University of Brasilia (UnB), Guidance sources at work: Let’s look inside us? Co-Author(s): Dr. Claudio Torres, Professor
  17. Anyway Mikioni, PhD Candidate, University of Venda, Black tax and micro-entrepreneurship in Thulamela Local Municipality: Forms, Challenges and Coping Strategies. Co-Author(s): Prof Richard Shabare
  18. Chih-Ping Chen, Associate Professor, Yuan Ze University, Beyond Cultural Perspective: Using Alternative Influence Strategies to Mange Parent-Emerging Adult Relationships.
  19. Shikha Vyas-Doorgapersad, Professor, University of Johannesburg, Assessing Gender Equality in the South African Public Service.
  20. Lukman Oladejo, Lecturer, Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Impact Analysis of Violent Conflict and Enabling Business Environment on Entrepreneurial Performance in North East Zone of Nigeria. Co-Author(s): Mr Olusegun Kazeem Lekan; and Dr Abdulrasak Abdulrahaman M.
  21. Scholastica Mwanyika, Graduate Student, Mzumbe University, Influence of single parent family to child’s academic performance in Tanzania.
  22. Ritisha Gupta, Student, Hidayatullah National Law University, Boon or Bane- The Fourth Wave of Feminism.
  23. Amel Lamri, PhD Student, Canterbury Christ Church University, Ernest Haas’ Neofunctionalism: 1960’s European Union Integration theory in the 2019’s African Union Integration Process.
  24. Hua Cheng, Assistant Professor, Nankai University, Media Competition and Firms’ Pollution Abatement Effort.
  25. Maria Cecilia Carnaje Sualog, Principal, Ridgewood School of Caloocan, Marketing Strategies of Ridgewood School of Caloocan, Philippines using Ansoff’s Matrix. Co-Author(s): Joseph A. Sualog
  26. Suchitra Vashisth, Associate Professor, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, The Making of Whitman’s Mind.
  27. Deeba Hasan, PhD Student, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Emotional Intelligence – A mitigator of the adverse effects of Job Connectedness?: Demystifying the Boundaries. Co-Author(s): Dr. T.J. Kamalanabhan Professor
  28. Breda McTaggart, Head of Department of Social Sciences, Institute of Technology Sligo, Professional Leadership: It`s a long road from there to here? Co-Author(s): Valerie McTaggart, Lecturer
  29. Surendra Pratap Singh, Vice Chancellor, University of Lucknow, Ruminations on Knowledge Diplomacy in Contemporary World.
  30. Abdul Latif, Lecture, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Shaheed Benazirabad, Concept of perfect man according to the perspective of religion.
  31. Ajayan Thankappannair, Assistant Professor, KSMDB College, Sasthamcotta, Community Organisations in Public Sphere in Travancore-Cochin.
  32. Frehiwot Abera, Lecturer, Kotebe Metropolitan University, Indigenous Knowledge and its Contribution for Modern Science and Technology: the case of Konso, Ethiopia.
  33. Khushali Choksi, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Emergence of Social Media Platform and its impact on newspaper reading segment in India. 
  34. Somia Tasneem, PhD Candidate, University of Canterbury, The EU as a Parliamentary Democracy promoter in Pakistan: An Analysis of the Young Parliamentary Associates (YPA) Programme.
  35. Salmamza Dibal, Lecturer I, Federal College of Education (Technical) Potiskum.
  36. Quyen Phu Thi Phan, PhD Student, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Understanding the mediating role of brand engagement in Facebook commerce environment. Co-Author(s): Dr. Michal Pilik, Associate Professor
  37. Damian Ukwandu, Lecturer, University of Johannesburg, Evaluating the role of Good Governance in Development: evidence from Mauritius.
  38. Syed Hamid Farooq Bukhari, Lecturer, University of Gujrat, Wahbah Al-Zuhayli on International Relations: An Analysis.
  39. Esther Gambe, PhD Student, University of Cape Town, Indigenization of the Protocol to the African Charter on the Rights of Women In Africa: The Nigerian Religio-Cultural Perspective.
  40. Eric Blanco Niyitunga, Lecturer, School of Public Management, Governance and Public Policy, Democratising Service Delivery Systems for Effective Governance in Africa.
  41. Meenakshi Meenakshi, PhD Student, Indian Institute Of Technology Roorkee, A Deviant or A Victim of Pervasive Stigmatization: Revisioning of Wicked Woman in Kavita Kane’s Lanka’s Princess.
  42. Shivani Kunwar Parmar, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Role of Social Media in Promotion of Tourism Business. Co-Author(s): Dr Ashish Joshi
  43. Karishma Ruparelia, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Growing Importance of Cyber Insurance in Indian Banking Sector.
  44. Shikha Kothari, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Role of Social Media in Promotion of Branded Cosmetics. Co-Author(s): Dr Ashish Joshi
  45. Khushali Choksi, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Emergence of Social Media Platform and its Impact on Newspaper Reading Segment in India.
  46. Namrata Singh, Assistant Professor, University of Delhi, Network Governance Vs Governing Networks – A Systemic Risk: Case Study Of Delhi Local Government (Toll Tax).
  47. Erdem Akgun, PhD Student, Boğaziçi University, The Cosmopolitanization of Culinary Consumption: Steakhouses as the Instances of the Culture Industry in Urban Turkish Context.
  48. Orathai Piayura, Head of Thai Department, Khon Kaen University, Thai Postmodern Literature from 1987-2016.
  49. Onam Joshi, Student, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), Role of Social Media in promotion of Branded Apparels.
  50. Nhat Tan Pham, Phd Student, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, A Review of Green Human Resource Management Practices.
  51. Siyasanga M. Tyali, Associate Professor, University of South Africa, Deconstructing Parental Attitudes: Social Media and the Discourse of Fatherhood In the African Continent.
  52. Valliappan Raju, Sr Lecturer, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Uniting World through Institution: Dr Lim Kok Wing on Sustainable Developmental Goals. Co-Author(s): Dr Siew Poh Phung
  53. Muawya Hussein, Assistant Professor, Dhofar University, The Impact of Financial Development on Economic Growth in Sudan: A Short-Run and Long-Run Analysis (1980– 2015). Co-Author(s): Dr. Syed Ahmed, Associate Professor; Dr. Hanaa Sid Ahmed, Assistant Professor
  54. Abhinav Gupta, Assistant Professor, Renaissance Law College, The Story of Jammu and Kashmir and Interpretation of Article 370 of the Constitution Of India.
  55. Muhammad Luqman, Associate Professor & Registrar, GOVT College Township Lahore, Impact of Microfinance on Women Entrepreneurship.
  56. Sai Kit Hui, MPhil Student, Lingnan University, Risk Invulnerability: The Impact of A Desirable Background Risk. Co-Author(s): Prof. Jingyuan Li
  57. Elvis Imadonmwiyi, Lecturer, Edo Sate Polytechnic, Effective Management of Corporate Image in Achieving Customer Loyalty. Co-Author(s): Ekienabor Ehijiele
  58. Jacob Amawu, Lecturer, Edo Sate Polytechnic, Unemployment in Nigeria: The Role of Entrepreneurship Education. Co-Author(s): Ekienabor Ehijiele
  59. Kingsley Osagie, Lecturer, Edo Sate Polytechnic, Capabilities of Four Microorganisms for Bioremediation of Lead Contaminated Soil.
  60. Anna Meleshkina, Researcher, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Antitrust Risks of Passenger Airlines.
  61. Muhammad Owais Madani, PhD Student, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan, Impact of Globalization on Higher Education in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities.
  62. Muhammad Rafiq, PhD Student, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan, Integration of Technology in Classroom Practices in Pakistan.
  63. Wellington Chakuzira, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Venda, Grounded Theory Procedures in Entrepreneurship Research. Co-Author(s): Richard Shambare; Armstrong Kadyamatimba
  64. Afifa Wajid, Lecturer, University of Management and Technology, A Review of Gamification for Learning Programming Fundamental. Co-Author(s): Mahwish Shahid
  65. Maher Aljaber, Assistant Professor, Al-Balqa Applied University, Conflict of Jurisdiction and Conflict of Laws in Electronic Contracts.
  66. Ali Aqlan, Researcher, Sanaa University, Solar Powered Desalination, Applied Solution in Yemen. Co-Author(s): Abdulmalik Momin
  67. Saud Alshathri, PhD Student, Newcastle University, Online Dispute Resolution as a Mechanism for Enhancing Consumer’s Trust in E-commerce: How Saudi Arabian Law Can be Improved in Practice.
  68. Sarah Alsudairy, PhD Student, University of Leeds, The Impact of Online Copyright Infringements Liability on Intermediaries’ Development in Saudi Arabia.
  69. Anjali Karol, PhD Student, Institute for Financial Management and Research, Who are the Beneficiaries of International Diversification?
  70. Anan Bahrul Khoir, Master Student, University of Groningen, “Adam Created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam”: A Descriptive Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experiences of Muslim Gay or Bisexual Men in Indonesia.
  71. Mijeong Kim, Assistant Professor, Gyeongsang National University, A Deleuzian Reading of “Becoming-Plant” in Han Kang’s Writing: “The Fruit of My Woman” and The Vegetarian.
  72. Yulin Lu, PhD Student, The University of Hong Kong, Situation, and Vision for Salvation: Dynamics of Charismatic Authority in a Lay Buddhist Community in Mainland China. Co-Author(s): Paul Joosse, Assistant Professor
  73. Raghav Kohli, Undergraduate Student, Gujarat National Law University, Expanding Corporate Accountability Under the Rome Statute: Treating Corporations as ‘Unindicted’ Perpetrators.
  74. Said Muhammad, Assistant Professor, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Ageing and Fiscal Burden in Indonesia. Co-Author(s): Muhammad Ilhamsyah Siregar
  75. Marlena Pop, Senior Researcher, INCDTP, Methodological Transparency in Design Research for Development of Eco-Fashion Products.
  76. Shri Lakshmi Sivanandam, Undergraduate Student, Hidayatullah National Law University, Match-fixing in Cricket: The Role Played by Board of Control for Cricket in India. Co-Author(s): Mr. Sarthak Sharma
  77. Komanda Kankanamge Gimhani Anuththara, Lecturer in Legal Studies, The Open University of Sri Lanka, A New Legal Framework for Online Based Personal Data Protection in Sri Lanka – Lessons from European Union – A Legal Analysis.
  78. Dulki Tharika Seethawaka Gamage Dona, M.Phil. Student, University of Colombo, Analysing the Necessity of Reforming Animal Welfare Laws in Sri Lanka.
  79. Bolaji Popoola, Lecturer, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Compliance Factors and Private Primary School Proprietor’s Compliance with Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard in Oyo State, Nigeria.
  80. Qiaoyang Peng, PhD Candidate, The University of Hong Kong, Why Did They Reject Their Language? Language Loss Among the Zhuang Amid Globalization and State-building.  
  81. Maria Bajak, Student, Cracow University of Economics, Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities in Public Institutions Through Beacons.
  82. Maureen Mweru, Lecturer, Kenyatta University, Children and Aggression in Kenyan Primary Schools.
  83. Aditi Singh, Research Associate, O.P. Jindal Global University, The Unfaded Political Boundaries: Irreconcilability of State Sovereignty and International Responsibility to Protect Internally Displaced Persons.
  84. Sharanya Shivaraman, Law Graduate, University of Pune, Developing a Framework for Achieving India’s Data Privacy Promise. Co-Author(s): Ashna Chhabra
  85. Mohammed Albarghouthi, Assistant Professor, Community College of Qatar, ERP Adoption and Acceptance in Saudi Arabia Higher Education: A Conceptual Model Development. Co-Author(s): Baomin Qi; T Chengbo Wang