Editing Paper

This service is suitable for non-native speakers or for native speakers who feel they would benefit from a deeper engagement with the structure and logic of their work. Our editing service includes the full proofreading service – we always correct errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. However, editing also involves work on the following:

Suitability of text for intended audience – Has the language been pitched appropriately? Do any terms or abbreviations require explanation?

Readability – We check for clumsy or awkward non-standard English phrasing and unidiomatic writing.

Content and structure – Is anything missing, redundant, or unclear? We provide comments detailing passages that are repetitive, unclear or illogical. We also consider the structural presentation of the text. Is the order logical? Would certain parts of the information be better digested in the form of bullet points or as a numbered list, for example?

Sentence length and paragraphing – We break up sentences that are too long and unwieldy or join together choppy, staccato sentences that are too short and impeding the flow of the text. We also consider how to make the best use of paragraphing in a text in order to maximise the impact of the information.

Consistency – Has the author used a combination of different spelling conventions (e.g. UK and US English)? Do they have a systematic approach to heading case? How about the format of the references? Are abbreviations introduced at first mention and then used consistently from that point on in the text? Are numbering systems in their correct order? When documents are written over a period of time, with the author coming back to the text on different days, it is difficult to maintain consistency of approach and conventions. We systematically check to ensure consistency.

References – Is the referencing clear and consistent, and are your assertions properly backed up by appropriate references? Is there a mixture of referencing styles or any errors in the presentation of references? We bring consistency to your referencing to ensure the text is clutter-free and reader-friendly.

Graphs, figures and tables – Do all graphs, figures, illustrations and tables support the text effectively? Do they have appropriate captions? We make sure that the visuals are integrated with the text in a thoughtful and cohesive way.

Style – We help you to maintain an even style, making sure the reader is not distracted from the content by unnecessary punctuation marks or emphasis (bold, italics, etc.).

Editing Paper Fee: GBP £70.00 (Per 5000 words)