Shortlisted Abstracts

Conference Title                           4th Academic International Conference on Law, Economics and Finance  
Conference Dates                         7th-9th December 2017
Deadline for abstract/proposal    3rd November 2017
Venue                                           University of Cambridge Newnham College, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Updated on  7th November 2017

1.       Dr. Samuel Oladapo, Lecturer, Adekunle Ajasin University, Appraisal of Environmental Education knowledge of staff of tetiary institution in Nigeria. Co-Author(s): Dr. O.S. Ajitoni

2.       Mrs. Fatima Suwaid, Assistant Lecturer, Sokoto State University, Women in Nigeria’s Democratization Process: Understanding The Challenges and Opportunities. 

3.       Mr. Sohail Riaz, Assistant Professor, COMSATS Institute of Informattion Technology, USAID’s Image building Advertising Campaign and National Interest of Pakistan; A study of relationship between strategic content and public perception in the context of Political Economy theory of Media. 

4.       Mr. Nandasinghe Wijenayake, PhD Student, Liverpool John Moors University, A Buddhist Christmas for Sinhala Diaspora: Identity negotiation and homeland relations through a religious event. 

5.       Prof. Nor Azila Mohd Noor, Professor, Polytechnic Sultan Abdul Halim, Darul Aman, Kedah, Malaysia, Technological Innovation Capabilities among Small and Medium Manufacturing Firms in Malaysia: To what extent entrepreneurial orientation plays an important role? Co-Author(s): Dr, Azli Muhammad, Lecturer

6.       Mr. Alireza Fard Kashani, PhD Candidate, Deakin University, An intergenerational study of Iranian migrant families in Australia: Exploring language, identity, and acculturation. 

7.       Prof. Anyebe Ted, Professor and Head of Department, Benue State University, Playwrights and the State of the Nigerian Nation: a Discussion of the Ola Rotimi’s "If … a tragedy of the ruled". 

8.       Mr. Yaohui Wang, Graduate Research Assistant, The University of Kansas, The Economic Effects of Sanctions on Autocratic Countries with Isolated Economies: Evidence from North Korea’s Rason Markets. 

9.       Dr. Muhammad Akhtaruzzaman, Business Lecturer, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, Confucius Institutes and FDI flows from China to Africa. Co-Author(s): Nathan Berg, Assoc Prof, U of Otago; and Donald Lien, Prof, University of Texas-San Antonio

10.   Ms. Jillian Loise Melchor, Instructor, University of the Philippines Diliman, Primo Contatto: A Postcolonial Analysis of Antonio Pigafetta's Account of the "First Voyage Around the World". 

11.   Mrs. Sana ZIRARI, Assistant Lecturer, University of Medea, U.S. Mediation Efforts in the Middle East : A Moral Religious Basis or a Set of Underlying Forces? Co-Author(s): Prof. Foued DJEMAI

12.   Dr. Arshad Munir, Lecturer, Ghazi University, Cultural causes of Customs and Traditions in Pakistan against women Rights: A critical study in the light of Islam. Co-Author(s): Dr. Naseem Akhter, Assistant Professor

13.   Mr. Giorgi Benashvili, PhD Student, Tbilisi State University, Boosting Entrepreneurship in Georgia Development of Fab Labs. 

14.   Dr. Abdul Samad Shaikh, Assistant Professor, International Islamic University, The Judicial Review between the Constitution of Pakistan and the Islamic Legal System. 

15.   Mr. Muhammad Hafeez, Lecturer, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, The role of e- recruitment in attracting potential candidates: Evidence from fresh graduate job seekers. 

16.   Dr. S Gandhimathi, Assistant Professor, Kongu Engineering College, Behavioural reasons of learners in their acquisition of L2: A case of 6 learners in the Indian context. 

17.   Dr. Ismail Sualman, Associate Professor, Universiti Teknologi MARA, The Impact of Facebook on Yemenis Uprising. Co-Author(s): Faisal Ali

18.   Mr. Etah Etah Emmanuel, Lecturer, Federal College of Education, Obudu Cross River State Nigeria, Dam failures in Nigeria: Issues and Prospects. Co-Author(s): Etah Emmanuel Etah ( Lecturer)

19.   Prof. Dinesh Kumar Nauiyal, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Migration from Garhwal: Gender and Home Economics in Rural North India. Co-Author(s): Dr. Rahul Krishna Gairola

20.   Dr. Oktay Kaynak, Independent Researcher, Independent Researcher, Bipedalism, Mental Overturning and Mental Threshold. 

21.   Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Assistant Professor, National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Qur’anic Impact on Hadith in Ideas and Style : A comparative Study. Co-Author(s): Dr. Syed Abdul Ghaffar Bukhari

22.   Ms. Hawazin Younis, Phd Student, University of Haifa, Career development among Palestinian academic women in Israel. 

23.   Dr. Oluyomi Oduwobi, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Venda, Literary Reconstructions of the Middle Passage in Fred D’aguiar’s Feeding the Ghosts. 

24.   Ms. Luthfiana Nur, Student of Airlangga University, Airlangga University, Dilemma Forced Marriage to Young Women Madura as Culture From Ancestors to Violation Human Rights And Contributor of  Early Marriage In East Java Indonesia. Co-Author(s): Luthfiana Nur; Riyantita Tunjung Sari; Qurry Annisak; and Fardhan Setyo Alamsyah

25.   Mrs. Sediqe Unesi Khaneqahi, Student, University of Mumbai, The role of Russia in development of extremist Islam in the Middle East through pursuit of the policy of outsourcing in return of Chechnya area. 

26.   Dr. Zainizam Zakariya, Associate Professor, Sultan Idris Education University, Can Co-workers’ Human Capital Endowments lead to an increase in individuals own earnings: Evidence from workplace survey in the Manufacturing Sector in Malaysia. 

27.   Ms. Shylet Nyamwanza, Student, University of Venda, Trans-border municipal partnerships as tools for sustainable development. Insights from twinning agreements in Southern Africa. Co-Author(s): Professor Peter Bikam and Dr James Chakwizira

28.   Ms. Soundarya Lahari Vedula, Student, National Law Institute University Bhopal, Cross Border Mergers in India. Co-Author(s): Ms. Maitrayi Jain, Student

29.   Mr. Asher Jospe, PhD Student, University of Tel Aviv, On Commodification of Passions in the Network Society. 

30.   Dr. João Miguel Cotrim, Ph.D. Student, ISCTE-IUL Business School, Sharing Economy: the establishment of organizational identity overtime, considering identify claims and legitimacy granting. Co-Author(s): Dr. Prof. Francisco Nunes, Doctor Professor & Researcher

31.   Ms. Nadezda Kirilina, Graduate Student, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Predicting the number  of shares on a Facebook status  with statistical keyword analysis. 

32.   Mr. Mohammed Galib Hasan, Education Outreach Volunteer, Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia and Global Education. 

33.   Dr. Ikechukwu Asika, Lecturer, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, “We all are Cockroaches”- An Absurdist Reading of Twefik Al-Hakim’s Fate of a Cockroach: Lessons for our Modern Day Society. 

34.   Dr. Nasir Yusoff, Senior Lecturer, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Effect of Arousal Intensity on the Emotion Process in Malaysian Population. Co-Author(s): Dr Faruque Reza, Senior Lecturer

35.   Dr. Asmita Balgaonkar, Psychologist, Jivhala Society, The Effect of Brain Based Education on Cognitive Development of Students. 

36.   Mr. Nyasha mateteni, Postgrad Student & Part Time Lecturer, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Impact of corporate governance on the sustainability of selected microfinance institutions in Cape Town, South Africa. Co-Author(s): Dr Bingwen Yan

37.   Mrs. Derya ERYIGIT, Researcher, Marmara University, Scapegoating Among Mothers of Children with Problematic Behavior. Co-Author(s): Dr. Kamile Gamze YAMAN

38.   Mr. Ibrahim Ghide Adamu, Lecturer, Mai Idris Alooma Polytechnic Geidam, Niger-delta crisis:  its causes and effects on the socio-economic life of the people of Ogoni, rivers state, Nigeria. 

39.   Dr. Kamile Gamze Yaman, Lecturer, Marmara University, Scapegoating Among Mothers of Children with Problematic Behavior. Co-Author(s): Derya Eryigit

40.   Mr. Umer Ramzan, Lecturer, The University of Lahore, The influence of SMS Marketing on consumers purchase intention through consumer attitude. 

41.   Dr. Inam Ul Haq, Assistant Professor, Riphah International University, Psychological Capital and job Outcomes: Moderating Role of Intrinsic Motivation

42.   Mr. Umer Ramzan, Lecturer, The University of Lahore, The influence of SMS Marketing on consumers' purchase intention through consumer attitude. 

43.   Mr. Augustine Idom, Lecturer, Federal University Lafia, The Legacy of Classical Criminology to the Nigerian Criminal Justice System. 

44.   Dr. Liza Khanam, Assistant Professor, Jagannath University, A Study on Knowledge Management System Usages Behavior Impact on Value Creation. Co-Author(s): Dr. Mohammad Abdullah mahfuz

45.   Mrs. Sola Modinat Abodunde, Senior Lecturer, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Information and Communication Technology and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises: An Empirical Investigation. Additional Abstract Accepted: Effect of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Competencies and Intentions among Final Year Students of the Faculty of Business and Communication Studies, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Nigeria

46.   Mr. Abdelaziz Tritha, Phd Candidate, Faculty Of Art El Jadida Morocco, North African Acrobats to the West: towards an archival memory and Occidentalist Counter Literature. 

47.   Mr. Uthman Morakinyo Ibrahim, Lecturer, Mai Idris Alooma Polytechnic Geidam, Analysis of the effects of Accounting practices on Small and Medium Enterprise in the North-Eastern States of Nigeria. 

48.   Mr. Cengiz YILMAZ, Assistant Professor, Afyon Kocatepe University, Nothing but much ado about the global crises. 

49.   Dr. Cengiz YILMAZ, Assistant Professor, Afyon Kocatepe University, A managerial accounting model by using balance scorecards for exploring workplace discrimination during promotion. 

50.   Dr. Kahar Wahab Sarumi, Senior Lecturer, National Open University of Nigeria, Telling the Story in 'Storeys': Pedagogical Utility of Narrativity in Islamic Theology. 

51.   Dr. Hassan Imam, Lecturer, Federal University Lafia, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Financial Crime/Corruption in Nigeria: A Criminological Analysis. 

52.   Mr. Shahzad Alvi, PhD Student, National University of Sciences and Technology, Dilemma of Direct Rebound effect and Climate Change on Residential Electricity Consumption in Pakistan. Co-Author(s): Dr. Zafar Mahmood, Professor and Head of Research; and Dr. Shahzada M. Naeem Nawaz, Research Fellow

53.   Dr. Renu Dewan, Associate Professor, Ranchi University, Depression and Stress among Tribal Migrant Rural Women of Ranchi District in Jharkhand, India. Additional Abstract Accepted: Level of Occupational Aspiration, Mental Health  & Distress Among Tribal Migrant Labour Women in Jharkhand, India.

54.   Mr. Ignatius Hubert, Student, Universitas Padjadjaran, The Implementation of SDG in Third World Countries. 

55.   Ms. Sara-Louise Dobson, Postgraduate Student, Durham University, Their Finest Hour: Depictions of the British Working Class in Propaganda Film During the Second World War. 

56.   Mr. Vilas Balgaonkar, Research Scholar, Tata Institute of Social Science, Impact of Migration on the Livelihood of Migrants Dependant. 

57.   Prof. Isabel Vieira, Assistant Professor, Universidade de Évora and CEFAGE, The Impact of the Euro on Member Countries’ OCA Characteristicsa and Specialisation Patterns. Carlos Vieira

58.   Mr. Abdullahi Maigari Gagarawa, Lecturer, Jigawa State College of Education, Minimizing Corruption for Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Needed Paradigm. Co-Author(s): Dr. Saidu Barau Ahmed

59.   Mrs. Nucke Widowati Kusumo Projo, Phd Student, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Dual Physician Practice and Health Care Demand in Developing Country, Study Case in Indonesia Using IFLS Data. Co-Author(s): Professor Pedro Pita Barros

60.   Ms. Nighat Gul, Lectrurer, Govternment Postgraduate College for Women, Psycho social factors role in Taliban ideology: A qualitative approach. 

61.   Mr. Awwal Ibrahim Dansadau, Chief Lecturer, Abdu Gusau Polytechnic Talata Mafara, Language Teaching and Learners' Opinions on Cultural Diversity in Nigeria. 

62.   Prof. Sandiso Ngcobo, Associate Professor, Mangosuthu University of Technology, Teachers' attitudes to the teaching of Mandarin in South Africa. 

63.   Dr. Ayodele Ajayi, Lecturer, Federal University of Agriculture, Testing the Semi-Strong form of Efficiency Theory in the Nigerian Capital Market: The Input and Output Index. 

64.   Mr. Shahzad Alvi, PhD Student, National University of Sciences and Technology, Impact of Climate Change and Adaptation on Cereal Yields in the Vulnerable South Asian Countries. Co-Author(s): Dr. Faisal Jamil, Associate Professor;and Dr. Junjie Zhang, Associate Professor

65.   Dr. Mohammed Khaled, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, Forecasting Compositional Changes in Labour Force Status Using Vector Error Correction Models. Co-Author(s): L. Fraser Jackson, Emeritus Professor

66.   Ms. Arooj Najmussaqib, Lecturer, Riphah International University, Study Anxiety, Perceived Parent Child Relationship and Its Impact on Academic Achievement among School Adolescents. Co-Author(s): Dr. Tazvin Ijaz

67.   Dr. Jianning Dang, PhD Student, Beijing Normal University, The Differing Roles of Similarity- and Interaction-Based Entitativity in Warmth and Competence Judgments about Groups. 

68.   Ms. Chao Li, Postgraduate Student, Beijing Normal University, A clean self reduces bribery intent. 

69.   Mr. Muhammad Latif Siddiqui, Manager Capacity Building, Riphah International University, Relationship between Compensation factors and job satisfaction level of University teachers in Pakistan. 

70.   Prof. Ranjit Tiwari, Assistant Professor, Chandragupt Institute of Management Patna, Discretionary Accruals and Earnings Management: Case of India. 

71.   Ms. Anukriti Gupta, Research Scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, “Woman” Not Allowed in "Sanctum Sanctorum" : Lived Bodies and Lived Religions in India. Additional Abstract Accepted: Several Scripts, Several Scribes: The (Un)Making of Taslima Nasreen

72.   Mr. Ibrahem Almarhaby, PhD Student & Lecturer, The University of Manchester, Hierarchical Social Class System in Saudi Arabia: the Saudi Women’s Novel, pre-1990. 

73.   Mr. Abdullah Arshad, Master Student, University of Central Punjab, Combined Effects of Perceived Politics and Core Self-Evaluation on Job performance and Organizational Citizenship Behavior. 

74.   Prof. Samuel Jones, Associate Dean and Professor, John Marshall Law School Chicago, Police, Heroes, and Child Trafficking: Who Cries When Her Attacker Wears Blue? 

75.   Ms. Sumaira Ashraf, Doctorate Student, University of Évora, S-Score, Distress Prediction Model with Earning Response during the financial crisis. Co-Author(s): Elisabete G.S. Félix; and Zélia Serrasqueiro

76.   Mr. Muazzam Sabir, PhD Student, Agro ParisTech, Nexus between Infrastructural Projects, Land use conflicts and Socioeconomic life of local population in Developing Countries. Co-Author(s): Dr. Habibullah Magsi

77.   Mr. Ebenezer Breman Veerasingam, Lecturer, Eastern University, Ethnic Integration through 'Survival' among Illegal Immigrants: A Prospective Reading of an Illegal Migrant Journey of the Sri Lankan Diaspora to Europe. 

78.   Dr. Katarzyna Januszkiewicz, Assistant Professor, University of Łódź, The consequences of FOBE (Flexible Organizational Behavior of Employees). 

79.   Ms. Gamze Yalcin, Research Assistand and Ph.D. Candidate, Pamukkale University, A Bakhtinian Perspective to O.V. Kanik and  W.H. Auden'S Poetry. 

80.   Ms. Kadriye BOZKURT, Research Assistant, Celal Bayar University, A Reading of the Modern Man in Muzeeka through Epic Theatre Devices. 

81.   Ms. Beatriz Lins, PhD Student, University of São Paulo, Leaked nudes: women, sex, exposure, intimacy and internet. 

82.   Dr. Indira Mishra, National President, Educational Forum For Women Justice and Social Welfare, Prison, Crime and Women. Co-Author(s): Sushil Mishra. Additional Abstract Accepted: Criminality of women with an understanding of the social role of the women in society

83.   Mr. Syed Abdul Ahad, Student, forman christian college, Role of joint trans-national counter-terrorism initiatives: A blank space in South Asia. Co-Author(s): Muhammad Qasim, lecturer

84.   Ms. Gamze SENTURK, Doctoral Student and Research Assistant, Munzur University, The Freak in English Theatre.  

85.   Ms. Aharna Ray, Student, Kazi Nazrul University, A Deconstructive Re-reading of the Hindu Mythology: An Analogue of Pacificism.  

86.   Ms. Denisa Schill, Research Assistant & Lecturer, University of Applied Science Neu-Ulm, The Quality of the Candidate Journey as an Important Aspect of the Employer Brand. Co-Author(s):  Prof. Dr. Alexander H. Kracklauer; and Prof. Dr. Christoph Rasche

87.   Mr. Afdal Ikromi, Undergraduate Student, University of Indonesia, The Impact of Tablet on Student Abilities in Rural School.  

88.   Ms. Keiko Kanno, Postgraduate Student, University of Oxford, Beyond Demographic Transition: Challenges Faced by Domestic Migrants in Modern Mongolian Society.  

89.   Dr. Ibraheem Alshekmubarak, Assistant Professor, South Valley University, Corporate Governance and Business Ethics: The Case of Egyptian Banks. Co-Author(s):  Dr. Ahmed H. Ahmed  Lecturer in Accounting

90.   Mrs. Saira Saleem, PHD Student, Middlesex University, Political Connections, Financial Constraints and performance:  Firm level evidence from Pakistan.  

91.   Ms. Tallat Jabeen, Lecturer, Riphah International University, Accessing Communication Barrier between Doctors and Patients in the Government Hospitals of Lahore and Peshawar.  

92.   Ms. Swati Malik, Assistant Professor, O.P. Jindal Global University, Diminished responsibility: A partial defense for Murder. Co-Author(s): Miss Shruti Mishra